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tricep dips

Plenty of women today are undergoing surgeries, wearing padded under wears or ingesting all different sorts of pills, just so they can increase their hip to waist ratio to achieve an hourglass figu…

Andre Kohn

"Shopping, Rain or Shine" An oil original by Andre Kohn. I admire how the artist has used an interesting brush pattern, which makes it look like the people are walking in the rain.

Andre Kohn

This painting by Andre Kohn reminds me of my own carefree, childhood days. Kohn is a figurative artist originally hailing from Russia. He primarily paints with oils but from time-to-time, will switch to mixed media paintings.

Andre Kohn

Andre Kohn is a figurative impressionism which seeks to capture the complexity As well as the simplicity and directness of the human form. “I’m seeking my