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Marie Rosier
Arkadia / don't judge, live your life. 22 | sci-fi | fantasy | dystopia | mythology
Marie Rosier
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a winter's walk through the forest

hollywood-portraits: “David Bowie, Susan Sarandon & Catherine Deneuve photographed by Jean-Claude Deutsch, ”

True Blood Quotes

True Blood Quotes The HBO series True Blood has had many memorable scenes as well as many memorable quotes. Here is a trip down True Blood Quotes memory lane. More True Blood Images here

TWD Carol Meme

This is my favorite thing ever! Whenever anyone does something completely insane now I refer to them as going full-on "Carol's Cookies".

Chaos Theory aka Jurassic Park

I saw this and got attracted right away. My favorite movie basically saying, don't mess with DNA or genetically things will get, well, chaos. I loved this movie, especially the part where it explains biological how they made the dinosaurs.

eric and pam - Google Search

eric and pam - Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood season 5. Salome.

True Blood season 5. Salome.