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an apple sitting on top of a red brush
A team of scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) worked with the firm Architected Materials, Inc. to produce an “energy-absorbing material” that can replace the standard foam padding now provided in helmets of professional football players. When 3D printed, the material — Architected Lattice — looks something like a “delicate honeycomb.”
Vidra Bracelet  The Good Machinery Handmade Jewellery, Upcycling, Jewellery Making, Fimo, Jewelry Making, Ceramic Jewelry, Resin Jewelry, Jewelry Box, Handmade Jewelry
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Vidra Bracelet The Good Machinery
two glass balls sitting on top of a table next to a blue toothbrush and spoon
和菓子 japanese sweets called wagashi
there are many different shapes and sizes of soaps
Nipponia nippon
kenmat: jennilee: ‘japanese sweets’ (glass) via ii-ne-kore (via sisterwife)
a green and white glass vase sitting on top of a table next to a wall
Sneak Peek at Design Days Dubai 2014.
Block A Side Table by Andy Martin at Design Days Dubai 2014 | Yellowtrace
a glass block sitting on top of a white floor next to a swimming pool with reeds in it
ArenasCollection design furniture outdoor design hotel beds lighting
Occasional Table - Stool KISIMI by Bleu Nature. Inside a shelter of ice, driftwood intertwines… Cold cast, steamed then polished, the acrylic glass blocks imprison the wood. Random air bubbles caress it: chance plays a part. Each Kisimi piece is unique. Original and super robust coffee table and stool, the latest creation of Bleu Nature. Have a desire to hibernate in total serenity? Bleu Nature invites you to luxuriate in comfort with its new collection.
a person holding up a pink object in their left hand, with the light shining on it
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New transparent concrete, by Mexican students Joel Sosa and Sergio Omar Galván. This team of material innovators claim that their “concrete” is 30% lighter than normal concrete and lets through 80% of the light!
a person holding a pink object in their left hand, on a white background with space for text
Super-Elastic Plastic | Super stretchy thermoplastic substitute for rubber that stretches to 8 times its size and is incredibly hard to rip. What you are probably familiar with as the “gel” material used in a lot of computer mouse pads, seat cushions, and bicycle seats, they are typically made using materials based on Kraton or Septon, 2 common trade name formulations. Stretchiness, softness, squishiness and strength can be customized.
a person holding a plastic spoon in their hand with both hands on top of it
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Hand Moldable Plastic This hand moldable plastic has a melting temperature of about 136-140°F. It's great for making one-off prototypes, impressions to use as a temporary mold, and more.
Une fille aux cheveux noirs: ”細節”的故事:拜訪織品設計師 EJING ZHANG/CHINA Bijoux, Jewellery, Fabric Jewelry, Textile Jewelry, Jewelry Crafts
”細節”的故事:拜訪織品設計師Ejing Zhang
Une fille aux cheveux noirs: ”細節”的故事:拜訪織品設計師 EJING ZHANG/CHINA
two pieces of wood sitting on the ground in front of a brick wall with peeling paint
The Importance of the Obvious: a closer look at the characteristics of materials
an orange and pink table top with hexagonal designs on it's surface
Profile: Honeycomb panels by Mykon