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History of Audio Engineering + Salary
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Audio Engineer Salary : Infographic

Learn Audio Engineer Salary in this detailed info graphic.

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Mixing on Headphones: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Some say mixing on headphones is awesome. Some say its a bad idea. Both have have their reasons, and in this post I share with you exactly what they are.

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How to Record Better Vocals: The Beginner's Guide

Having trouble getting good vocal sounds? In this post I reveal the top secrets for recording vocals in your home recording studio.

How to turn an internship into a full time job
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How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig

If you have taken on an internship and absolutely love it, it is very likely you want to turn that experience into a full-time job. You're probably asking,“But how can I do it?” Well, the answer might be long, but is actually quite simple. Related: 6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College Somet...

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Best Studio Headphones: The Ultimate Musician's Guide

In this list of the best recording studio headphones, I cover the 6 best closed back headphones for tracking and the 7 best open back headphones for mixing.

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Acoustic Treatment 101: The Ultimate Guide for Home Studios

What's the key to recording great sound? It's not your equipment. It's the acoustics. How do you get great acoustics? with Acoustic Treatment.

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Music Production 101: The 4 Basic Steps to Recording a Song

Learn the entire process of music production in a home recording studio. Record your on song in 4 simple steps.

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How to Soundproof a Room for Music Recording

Room too loud to record in silence? In this post i reveal the top affordable tricks to soundproofing a room for music recording.

For those interested in sound or audio engineering... How to Learn Sound Engineering Online

Audio Engineering Basics

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The Best Computers/Laptops for Music Production 2018

In this post I review and compare the top computers and laptops for recording music in your home studio. Updated for 2019.

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Recording Studio Microphones: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Want to learn more about professional recording studio microphones? In this article, I cover the many types of microphones used in the studio.

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The 10 Best Studio Monitors/Speakers for Home Recording

A guide to the best pro studio monitor speakers for home recording including: Yamaha HS8, KRK Rokit 5 G3, M-Audio AV-42, and more.

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Binaural Hearing: How Our Ears Sense the Direction of Sounds

Ever wondered how our ears perceive the world around us? In this post I explain how humans use binaural hearing to sense the direction of sounds.

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30 Awesome Pro Tools Video Tutorials -

30 Awesome Pro Tools Video Tutorials -

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The Ultimate Guide to Condenser Microphones for Home Recording

Shopping for a condenser mic for your studio? In this post I reveal the best large/small diaphragm condensers, PLUS the best condenser mics of all time.