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the brochure shows an image of a garden plan
Drought tolerate slope garden // also will work in a rock garden, along rock walls and in raised beds in mostly to fully sunny areas.
wooden steps made out of wood chips in the middle of some trees and grass with bushes behind them
How to Build an Outdoor Staircase on a Slope
Use pea gravel and wood posts to build steps in your yard.
an image of a garden with flowers and trees in the background, text reads send me message
Mrs Hinch shows off garden transformation which 'took her breath away'
pallet vertical herb garden is an easy way to grow herbs in containers and use them as planters
Pallet Vertical Herb Garden - 2 Easy Steps - The Owner-Builder Network
diy cedar planter box under $ 5
DIY Cedar Planter Box Under $5
three different types of metal brackets with the names and numbers on each side, labeled in red
Shopping that gives back!
Decks, Fresco, Low Growing Shrubs, Ground Cover Plants, Landscaping Shrubs
14 Amazing Shrubs for Slopes and Erosion Control
a hanging planter filled with green plants
{tutorial} Upside-Down Hanging Tomato Plant
the bonsai tree care guide is shown in this poster, with instructions on how to use
How To Make A Bonsai For Beginners | The WHOot
a black tarp with the words shade coverage for your garden on top of it
Shade Coverage in Your Garden
Keep your Plants Cooler with Shade Coverage in Your Garden!
the instructions for how to make a cat toy tower
Milkcrate Composter (vertically Stacked)
Milkcrate Composter (vertically Stacked): 5 Steps (with Pictures)