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Motywacja - pomocne triki, techniki i aplikacje na telefon
DIY Flavored Extracts
from: Design Sponge (anthropologie installation)
Gardening exhibit
Archex Inspiration - #exhibit #design #tradeshow
1912-2012: Chronicles of a Creative Itinerary - I really like this interpretation of exhibition design. By elevating the feature piece it creates drama and attracts the attention of the entire room, it encourages intrigue. By being able to look around and inside it the personal experience becomes more interactive thus more enjoyable and creates an impression on the memory. I also really like how the exhibition of this item differs from the other displays in the background
Installation: I sure hope this is functional— because that would be really cool.
Caribou Coffee built an interactive, 64 foot-tall Pinterest board in the Mall of America's rotunda to promote a new coffee blend.
Christian Dior RTW FW13 Friday, March 1st 2013 Place Vauban, Paris Produced and directed by Bureau Betak