Rafał Grabie

Rafał Grabie

Kraków  ·  UX Designer @ hurra.com
Rafał Grabie
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Floating burger 2.0 by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Motion in the world of design is used to describe spatial relationships, functionality, and intention with beauty and fluidity. Motion might sound like a big concept, but when used effectively it is…

Vertical Navigation

Here is the nav in more details. It is tall and you see all items in common screen-sizes. However if it won't fit (rare case), it resizes for your browser size and brings 3 dots. You mouse hover .

Zellomail - Flat UI

Real_pixels NS: The grey departure from the "trending" blue sidebar proves neutrals work but the execution is let down by icon choice and disproportionate use of spacing

FIFA Legend by s-pov spovv, via Behance

The purpose of the application FIFA Legend is not only to show facts and statistics of the football player's career in one place but also events in his personal life that helped him to become a legend.

dappr - projects collaboration tool concept by Avinash Tripathi

Here's more on weekend pass timers I started on last week. A humble apologies to all cool guys I have used in this for attaching my work to you as I didn't want to use your client work by accident .