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A screw extractor could save your day. It will grab just about any threaded fastener and remove it—even if the head has snapped off. It usually comes with a hardened drill bit to drill a hole in the center of your stubborn screw or bolt. Then you turn the extractor counterclockwise into the hole. Because of its tapered shape and left-hand thread, the extractor will jam in the hole and then begin to turn out the screw. You can find extractors at hardware stores.

Do you have stuck nuts, screws or bolts around the house that are driving you crazy?) loosen those stubborn stuck fasteners.

New Dewalt Pull Saws

New Dewalt Pull Saws - The day I used my first pull saw changed the way I cut wood by hand! Pull saws create a thinner kerf and cut through most wood like butter!

Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Get a Better Fit and Grip to Get the Job Done Easier The Craftsman Extreme GRIP™ Adjustable Wrench includes an.