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Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

Poster design illustration

50 Outstanding Posters to Inspire Your Next Design

This poster stands out because it uses its type effectively, the typeface is distorted making it wobbly like what a person who is drunk would read it.

Movie poster template

Movie poster template: "The Title"

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students. Possibility: Make posters for books that aren't being made into movies. Also make a movie trailer on iMovie for the same thing.

ben barry

Fight the power and stay up late.woohoo --stay up late by ben barry

Graphic design inspiration

Graphic design inspiration

by Russ Mills

20 Excellent Abstract Illustrations by Russ Mills

festival_malaga_poster.jpg (800×1195)

Festival de Málaga a project by calamargraphic. Domestika is the biggest and most influential Spanish-speaking community for creative professionals.

Ferdinando Galli de Bibiena, stage design showing a scena par angolo, 1711   —via lifesansbldgs

Fernando Galli de Bibiena, Stage Design Showing a Scena par Angolo, 1711 A century set design showing the artist struggling to communicate the complexity of his design through the medium of architectural drafting.