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This happens everytime 'Still into you' by Paramore comes on the radio. My radio stations here suck. Even the college radio plays crap. Unless it's the occasional indie rock day<< OMG I LOVE THAT FRIGGIN SONG MAN

Oh it hurts! my feels just flatlined.

Oh it hurts! my feels just flatlined.<-It's even better bc it's potter head Leslie Knope


I bet they beat the Death Eaters with stupid school tricks everytime.<<< This would absolutely terrify the Herondales.

Proper lightning scar, head cannon totally accepted.

Proper lightning scar would be cool, but the interesting thing is that the crude lightning bolt scar is actually in the shape of the hand movement of the killing curse.

Not sure if I should be creeped out or if I should think it's sweet.>>>> It's sweet so sweet>>>America just goes up to some random dude and goes "hey George, how's the missus?