Detoxifying smoothie with beets, turmeric, mango, ginger, and more

Beet-Turmeric-Mango Smoothie

Detoxifying smoothie with golden beets, fresh turmeric, ginger, and mango. A vitamin-packed cleansing elixir!

Recipe: Green Smoothie with Spinach, Pear, and Ginger — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn

Green Smoothie with Spinach, Pear, and Ginger

Celebrate Pear Season With These 10 Delicious Recipes — The Kitchn (Apartment Therapy Main)

Creamy Carrot Smoothie |

This creamy carrot smoothie is so good for your skin and to treat constipation. It tastes like a carrot cake, especially if you use milk instead of water.

A Recipe for Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage -

A Powerful Healing Turmeric Juice. Turmeric's also a natural liver detoxifier and a kidney cleanser, and it speeds metabolism and aids in weight management. Plus it heals and alleviates conditions of depression, psoriasis, damaged skin, arthritis and

salted lassi recipe

Salted lassi recipe | namkeen lassi

salted lassi recipe with step by step pics. this salted lassi is flavored with black salt, roasted cumin powder & garnished with mint leaves.

If you’re looking for a natural way to hydrate and deliver lost nutrients and minerals to your body post-exercise, give this tasty DIY sports drink a try.

The Best Homemade Electrolyte Drink

DIY Natural Sports Drink - here's a healthier way to rehydrate and deliver lost nutrients and minerals into your body after exercise.

Honeydew Matcha Bubble Tea

A refreshing summer Honeydew Matcha Bubble Tea. Who knew bubble tea was so easy to make at home?