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Whether visiting for boarding or daycare meet the dogs that call Rocky’s Retreat in Orlando their home away from home!
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a brown and white dog with its tongue hanging out
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Today’s #tongueouttuesday is brought to you by Hollywood. He’s a handsome and happy boy that’s coming to daycare about once a week, and having a blast with all his new friends!
a black and white dog laying on the ground with his tongue hanging out next to some food
Orlando Doggie Daycare
Today’s #tongueouttuesday 👅 is brought to you by Odie! He’s hanging out with us this week and having a blast with all his new friends at Rocky's Dog Daycare in Orlando!!
a group of dogs sitting on the floor in front of a table and chairs with their tongue hanging out
Rocky's Retreat in Orlando
Doggie DayCare in Orlando Florida. @rockysretreat
a brown and white dog sitting on top of a brick walkway
Orlando Dog Daycare
Sparky! If are in Orlando and need a place for your pup to come hang and play while you are at work or away - visit us at Rocky's Retreat Dog Daycare & Boarding!
a golden retriever dog sitting in the sand
Rocky's Retreat on Instagram: “This week’s #tongueouttuesday
This week’s #tongueouttuesday 👅 is brought to you by Grayson. 🐾 He comes to daycare twice a week and has tons of fun with all of his friends. If you are looking for a doggie daycare in Orlando be sure to come by Rocky's Retreat!
a large white dog laying on top of a porch
Rocky's Retreat on Instagram: “Today’s #tongueouttuesday
Today’s #tongueouttuesday 👅 is brought to you by Kimba. Today was this handsome😍boy’s first day of daycare and he had a BLAST💥with all of his new friends. 💙 His parents have plans tonight, so they’ll be happy to take home a tired pup. 🐶😴🐾
a white and brown dog sitting on top of a brick walkway
Rocky's Retreat on Instagram: “Axl enjoying this beautiful day!
Axl enjoying this beautiful day! Dogs love getting time outside while at daycare or boarding to enjoy some sunshine here at Rocky's Retreat in Orlando. #Regram via @rockysretreat
a close up of a black poodle with a green collar looking at the camera
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Meet Max!Max is a retired show poodle that needed some special attention to learn how to relax and make friends. He comes to daycare and boards with us, and even goes swimming when he's here. He has settled right in at Rocky's, has made lots of friends and always has a great time with us!
a dog dressed up like a cat and holding a stuffed animal on a table at an outdoor event
Madison is one of our swimming clients and we bumped in to her at @franklinsfriends Howl-o-Ween event this last weekend, where she was a big hit and even won first place in the costume contest! Madison’s mom brings her for swim lessons because she doesn’t like water- baths, rain, you name it! So, we are working on her fear of water with short, assisted swim lessons, followed by lots of love and cuddles. She’s doing great and her groomer even noticed the improvement!
a golden retriever sitting next to a potted plant and pumpkins on the ground
Riley Ann is giving us her best smile for this week’s #tongueouttuesday!👅 She’s a regular that comes for daycare and boarding, and demands to get treated like the princess that she is!!💛👑 #happyfall #tot #dogsoforlando #doggiedaycare #dogboarding #doglovers #goldensoforlando #goldenretriever #doglife #doggiehotel #doggiecamp #orlandodogs #dogsofcentralflorida #32804 #orlandosmallbusiness
a brown and white dog sitting on top of a tile floor next to a sign that says first day of day care
Micky had his first day of daycare! 😊✅..This cutie pie is coming to daycare on Mondays and having a swim lesson on Wednesdays.🎾🏊🏽‍♂️He’s still a pup and full of puppy energy💥so his mom is happy to get a tired boy at the end of the day! 😴 If you are looking for doggie daycare in Orlando be sure to check out Rocky's Retreat!!!
a brown and white dog sitting on top of a brick floor with its mouth open
Meet Delta! Her foster mom started bringing her for daycare a few months ago, to give her some socialization and much needed exercise. We’re happy to say that Delta now has many friends! Little Miss Delta captured the heart of her foster mom and caused a #fosterfail in the biggest way, because she has officially been adopted!
three people and two dogs are sitting on the porch with their owner smiling at the camera
Saturday vibes. Fun times at Rocky's Retreat Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding in Orlando !!! 🐶💙🐕😁🐩💜🐾..#dogsoforlando #doglovers#havingfun #dogboarding #doglife#saturdayvibes #smiles #dogvacay#dogfun #smalldogs #doghotel#orlandodogs #orlandosmallbusiness
a dog standing in the water with its mouth open and it's tongue hanging out
This week’s #tongueouttuesday is brought to you by Fallon. This handsome fella is a young Golden Retriever whose paw-rents were looking for a good way for him to have fun and burn off some of that puppy energy. He’s been coming with his family every Sunday for some dedicated pool time- they bring his own fav toy and he has a blast.There’s a lot of splashing, so of course mom & dad come prepared with bathings suits and towels.
a large brown dog laying in a blue pool with its tongue out and it's eyes closed
This week’s #tongueouttuesday is brought to you by Toffee, aka @toffito. He boarded with us last week and had a great time playing fetch & hanging in the pool- both to swim and just to chill!..If your dog loves to swim, play fetch, and have a good time, book your next boarding visit with us here at Rocky's Retreat in Orlando! 🐶🏊🏽‍♂️🎾🐾.