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two dogs with hats on their heads are looking at each other
Merry Christmas!
Rocky's Retreat on Instagram: “Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!! 🎄💙🐾 #happyholidays #happypawlidays #fromustoyou #orlandopetsitter #orlandosmallbusiness”
two golden retrievers wearing turkey hats on top of their heads while laying next to each other
14 Dogs Whose Thanksgiving Posts Are Better Than Your Holiday Card
14 Dogs Whose Thanksgiving Posts Are Better Than Your Holiday Card
a dog with its mouth open and the caption where should a dog never go shopping?
Dog Joke
'WHERE SHOULD A DOG NEVER GO SHOPPING? THE flea MARKET!'. This one had us cracking up! 😂😂Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? Especially when it involves dogs!Share your favorite dog joke or pun below! 👇
a dog with its mouth open and the words if friday had a face it would look like this
Funny Dog
If you need a laugh today... 'IF FRIDAY HAD A FACE IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS! #Regram via @rockysretreat #funnydogs
a white poodle sitting in front of a purple background with the words sorry i can't hear you over the volumee of my hair
Rocky's Retreat on Instagram: “Watch. Smile. Repeat.
Photo by Rocky's Retreat in Rocky's Retreat Canine Health Fitness Center. #Regram via @B_FLsv7n9v5
two people and a dog dressed up in halloween costumes with text overlay that reads, how to make homemade costume ideas for great danes
25 Fantastic Great Dane Halloween Costumes! - Great Dane Care
22 Great Dane Halloween costumes ideas to make this your most Daney year yet! From single and group costume ideas, you're bound to find the perfect one for this year. #greatdane#halloweencostumes
a dog eating an ice cream cone with the caption does your pet like ice cream?
Does your dog love ice cream? What flavor? Comment below! 🍦⬇🐾..#iscreamyouscreamweallscreamforicecream #doggieicecream #dogsoforlando #doglife #nomnom #orlandodoglovers #puptreats #doglando #doggoicecream #beattheheat #floridasummer #centralflorida #orlandodogs
an image of goofy the dog and goofy from goofy's animated movie, is your dog goofy like goffy?
We love goofy dogs! What does your pup do that’s silly? 🐶😜🐾..#sillydog #dogsoforlando #doglovers #doglife #havingfun #beingsilly #goofy #dogplay #doggiecamp #doggiehotel #dogboarding #doggiedaycare #centralflorida #orlandodogs #Regram via @rockysretreat
two dogs wearing hats and glasses with the words 13 dogs who look like celebriities
13 Dogs Who Resemble Famous People
13 Dogs Who Look Like Celebrities #LoveDogs #CelebrityDogs #DogFun #DogHumour #DogOwners
two pictures of a poodle with the caption florida weather got my hair like
Anybody else’s hair have a mind of its own during the hot & humid months?This photo of two dogs that came to board with us demonstrates living in crazy summer weather in such a funny way! #funnydogs #dogmeme
a dog laying on top of a pillow next to a cat
In honor of National Pet Day, we are sharing some fur-inspired wisdom! So wise to pick your battles! This cat and dog meme are perfect!
a sign that says i'm staying inside with my dog it's too people out there
"I'm staying inside with my dog - it's too peopley out there!" Seems like a legit reason to stay home with your dog! This sign is perfect for dog lovers!
a dog standing on top of a scale drinking water
'It must be the collar!' #Regram via @rockysretreat
a black and white dog laying on top of a wooden floor
Who else? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ . . If this is you on Mondays, bring your pup to #doggiedaycare with us, and leave their day to us. One less thing on your to-do list! ✅ . . #monday #gotmelike #goodmorning #timetor
a dog wearing a hot dog costume on it's back with the caption, you thought i was real hot dog?
Who else is having a hard time believing it’s already APRIL?! Loving this dachshund hot dog joke! #aprilfools #welcomeapril#dogsoforlando #doglando #doglife#dogfun #doglovers #doggos#puplando #doggiefunnies