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Delegate to Elevate!
Tip of the Day: Delegate to Elevate! 🏆 Don't let your to-do list overwhelm you. Our virtual assistants are ready to take on tasks so you can focus on your core business activities. Let’s make productivity a priority! #ProductivityTip #DelegateToElevate #VirtualAssistant #BusinessSupport #RockSolidVA
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Ready to begin working for yourself as a virtual assistant? We would love to meet you! You can learn more about us and begin the application process when you visit our website.
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Understanding Self Employment
The virtual work world is growing, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! Many positions are moving over to being contract-based, which is very different from being an employee. Learn more:
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A simple way to give your customers and clients a great experience over the holidays is to share your hours! Letting them know what to expect will help them plan for last minute requests, rather than letting them be truly last minute. Bonus Tip: Delegate this communication to your virtual assistant! They will help cover all your bases while you plan for your time off.
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What Should I Delegate?
Let’s think about all the things you COULD delegate. Then, identify what you NEED to delegate. Put a star by any tasks you love. Put an “x” by anything you know you hate. Are these tasks that you could train someone else to accomplish?
Woman at desk smiling with text, "how to know if it's time to hire a new team member in 2023" Art Of Letting Go
Is It Time to Hire A New Team member in 2023? — Rock Solid Virtual Assistants
As the year comes to an end and we review wins and lessons learned, you may be looking at your schedule thinking “How do I keep it all going?” We want to share my 2023 hiring checklist to help you decide what kind of hire is right for you.
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How To Hire New Talent
We handle the recruiting for you! Check out our top 7 signs it's time for a virtual assistant.
a blue background with the words do you hand off tasks that your team can accomplish?
Learn How To Communicate With a Team
Virtual teams can be difficult to communicate with! Here is what we have found...
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Learn How To Delegate
We love delegation over here! It's key for business success. Follow the link for some of our favorite tips.
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Leadership Challenge
We created a leadership challenge to help you do just that!
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Virtual Team Tips
So how do you actually communicate with your virtual team? Should it be daily, weekly, maybe just monthly? Learn the answers to this question in our blog!
a woman on her laptop with the text 4 tips to improve communication with your virtual team
Communication Tips
One of the biggest issues we’ve seen virtual teams face is the uncertainty around how to communicate. The options are endless, and most of them are unfamiliar!
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Fix Micromanaging
Hand it off. Again. For real, this time. Have systems in place and ensure that communication is on point.
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Fix Micromanaging
I had to admit that I was indeed the problem in this situation. I tossed out an assignment and immediately exhausted myself holding on to it! Admitting this error came with apologies for sure!
the back cover of a book with text that reads, is there a daily rundown?
Fix Micromanaging
Are you being told where things are, what parts of the project are still in progress, and updates on the projected outcome? If not, it’s time to communicate your need for a daily rundown!