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dandelion lotion bars in a jar with yellow flowers
Dandelion Lotion Bars
How to make Dandelion Lotion Bars - a super easy recipe perfect for dry chapped hands. Lotion bars have a long history of helping the toughest cases of cracked, dry skin, while dandelion oil is particularly useful for alleviating the chapped skin and soreness that comes along with manual labor.
the poster for witch herbs and their uses
Herbs and Plants for Witchcraft: Earth Element Herbs - Eclectic Witchcraft
the following herbs are poisonous use with extreme caution for birds to find food
A Little Bit Of Everything
A handy list of poisonous herbs - I was surprised by Mugwort, as it is often found in dream tea! I guess a really high dosage can be dangerous.
Herbs For Protection, Witchcraft Spell Books, Protection Spells
a list of words that are written in black and white, with the names of each word
cinnamon magick with an image of cinnamons stacked on top of each other and the words, cinnamon magick
the kitchen herbs for protection poster
the ingredients for allspice are shown in this poster, which includes different types of spices
Magick Herb Allspice: 2"x3" bag for sale
four pieces of fabric sitting on top of a white plate next to eachother
How to Make Heat Activated Spell Sachets - Moody Moons
Get cozy with this unique, creative, winter-friendly take on the traditional spell sachet or “mojo bag.” This heat-activated spell idea upcycles your scrap fabric, herbs and leftover es…
three pillows and two cushions with the words winter witch crafting
How to Make Heat Activated Spell Sachets - Moody Moons
a small bag filled with some kind of stuff next to a peacock feathers tail on top of a wooden table
Herbs for honoring the deceased www.silverhoofs.com herbals.htm Witches, Traditional, Deceased
Traditional Herbs Used In Funerals
Herbs for honoring the deceased www.silverhoofs.com herbals.htm
the back cover of an article about how to use magic herbs and their uses in cooking
20 household herbs and their magical uses. List of common herbs like rosemary, bay, chamomile, to use in your spells :)
the witch's guide to witches and other things that are in her hand, with text on it
Parsley……Magickal Tips Hints – Witches Of The Craft®