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tofu satay with peanut sauce on a plate
Tofu Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce
a jar filled with pickled vegetables and the words five beginner friendly ferment vegetable recipes
Ten Easy Fermented Vegetable Recipes for Beginners
a bowl of creamy vanilla millet porridge next to other bowls of food and spoons
Creamy Vanilla Millet Porridge
a white bowl filled with food sitting on top of a metal grate next to a spoon
Millet Apple Crisp (Crumble) | The Take It Easy Chef
a white plate topped with pasta and cheese
Lemon Spaghetti
One Pot Veggie Pasta
a casserole dish with meat, cheese and sauce in it on a wooden table
I Can’t Stop Making Ina Garten’s Rule-Breaking Eggplant Parm
the cover of cheesy garlic zucchini bites, with cucumbers and dip
Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Bites - Host The Toast
Cheesy Garlic Zucchini Bites. These are easy to make, super flavorful, and baked so they're much healthier than fritters! Serve 'em as snacks, appetizers, or even a side dish! |
zucchini chips in the air fryer with dipping sauce on top and an image of
Zucchini Chips in Air Fryer