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a white plate with many different colored objects on it's side, including circles and flowers
an image of blue and yellow flowers in the dark night sky with snowflakes on them
Blue Button Plankton - post
goldfish in fishbowes hanging from the side of a window with snow outside
an old book page with different types of circles and lines on the same page,
Form Constants of Optical Mineralogy
an image of trees growing on the side of a building with chinese characters above them
an image of different colored plates on a black background
Cultures of H. rufa/T. viride and H./T. viridescens after one wk at 25...
an image of some green leaves on a black background with other images in the back ground
a poster with many different colored images on it
Nothing Gold Can Stay
people are taking pictures in the reflection of their mirrors as they ride on a subway train
multiple shots of people standing in the windows of a building at night, all lit up
there are many televisions in the seats on this plane, and one is reading please wait
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