Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika robert

Andrew Shaylor - portraits of circus performers.

Circus Girls, Florida State University, 1952 | Images by Loomis Dean Thank you to LIFE Archive

Trapeze artists Courtesy of Mr Caton Hippodrome Circus c. 1960

Alice in Wonderland / karen cox.

Somber Circus Shoots - Pierre Manning’s Saltare In Banco Portraits are Full of Melancholy Myst (GALLERY)

eye makeup, strong cheekbones

This is beautiful! Simple, messy, intriguing. Okay so we paint them all in red and black war paints and give them some crazy looking eyes and mouths - demonic - and flowy basic clothing that doesnt have a time era. High waisted tights and flowy top Ashton.B


Clases de Aro y Telas

Aerial hoop. LOVE THIS next year hopefully in a DON CURRY shoot ill attempt this pic <3