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a barbie doll dressed in a green dress and flowered shoes with long black hair
a barbie doll wearing a yellow jumpsuit and gold necklace with pearls on her neck
a barbie doll with long black hair wearing white pants and a beaded top holding a purse
a barbie doll wearing an orange and black dress with dragon designs on it's chest
a doll is dressed up in a dress and headdress, with long hair
a barbie doll dressed in black and holding a chain around her neck with both hands
a barbie doll is standing in front of a statue wearing a red and white dress
a barbie doll is dressed in denim shorts and a white top with an open cape
a doll is wearing a blue coat and dress with beads on her bracelets as she stands in front of some stairs
Poppy Parker Rendez-Vous In Rio
a barbie doll in a box with fur on it's head and red hair
a barbie doll wearing a white dress and high heeled shoes in front of a blue background
a barbie doll is posed in a black dress