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a pink donut shaped like a cat with sprinkles
little pusheen cat pillow. pusheen is a donut
an orange stuffed animal laying on top of a white crib next to two pillows
Детская ручной работы. Бортик валик "Лисичка". Miss Judy cotton (JuliaLepa). Ярмарка Мастеров. Игрушка ручной работы, фетр
four pictures of the same baby's sleeping in a pink and blue blanket with an elephant on it
Günaydın dın dın dın ☀️🌞 Hala uyanmayalar mı var yoksa 😴 Bence yazın bu güzel son günlerini değerlendirelim. Hadii 🐣 Yalniz görseldeki…
the bed is made up and ready to be used as a child's room
I should make these for the boys before our next camping trip.
a giraffe stuffed animal laying on top of a white table next to a cut out
The Art Of Making Stuffed Toys - Bored Art
an assortment of stuffed animals are displayed on a white surface with blue arrows pointing to them
Softies for the twins - Pretty Pretty
This is supposed to be inspiration for kids making their own cuddly animals. They could also be great characters for kids to use in stories. I can almost hear their (animal) voices in my head!