Yes if you murder me please do it with this

Yes if you murder me please do it with this>>>I think wash it from you victims blood would be more satisfying seeing the crimson fade away into a bright pastel opal beauty

So you liked the Hunger Games books. What should you read next? Great books for teens, both boys and girls, and for adults.

So you liked the Hunger Games books. I'm super upset that both the Program and the Darkest Minds aren't on here <--- there r so many books here that I'd like to try

So relatable! Funny book jokes only bookworms will understand.

14 Funny Situations Only True Book Lovers Will Understand

Tom Gauld's colour-coded library Yeah, that looks about right. Well, if you added an equal amount all yellow. Or maybe one more color for "Read so much I can quote entire passages"

Ha! A Court or Thorns and Roses...

20 Agonizing Situations for Book Lovers to Be In

Christopher Tolkien explains why his father, J. Tolkien, wrote down "The Hobbit.

I love this poem <3

From Bo Burnham’s Egghead, This Is Magic // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


colasantibooks: “Acts of kindness via notes are seriously adorbs. Like these little treasures scattered around the city just waiting for you to find.

Tell me again why nobody ships Leo and Percy?<< Because Percy's fatal flaw is loyalty and he's loyal to Annabeth.