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And it can make a huge difference. | Contouring Is Out, Strobing Makeup Is Taking Over The Internet

DID ANYONE SAY NOSE CONTOUR? Love this step by step instruction manual with pictures.It will have your nose looking sleek and gorg.Dont forget to add some shimmer with the Becca shimmer highlighter or Ben Nye Banana press powder,ITS THE BEST!

Robin's Thought Process by Ceshira - someone once wrote a really great caption thingy about this and I am determined to find it soon

Robin's Thought Process this is just wired but awesome and if batman was able to go in side Robins brain I'm sure he would find is name at the very top

Tim Drake. I watched this when I was 10. I cried because of what Joker did to him

jason todd<< actually this is Tim Drake ( red robin/ third Robin) from the tv show batman beyond where the Joker ( and Harley I guess) kidnap and torture him until he becomes Joker Junior (JJ) and yea

harley.... can I just dress like that every day?   Hubby would love it,  lol

batman_(series) blonde_hair blue_eyes bracelet dc_comics hands_in_pockets harley_quinn hoodie multiple_girls nail_polish plant poison_ivy red_hair shorts smile standing striped_shirt thighhighs vertical_stripes

Jaytim 3 day challenge

Just lets notice the size of Jay's hand against Tim's. Like, it's a bloody shark holding a golden fish.