Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929), The Model (n.d.), oil.

The Model. Jacek Malczewski (Polish, Symbolism, The Malczewski oeuvre is the most vivid example of an intermingling of folk motifs and an anti-classical, Dionysian vision of antiquity, typical for Polish modernism; he placed chimeras and.

Self-Portrait - Jacek Malczewski

Happy Birthday, Jacek Malczewski, Polish painter, The Young Poland Movement, Self Portrait.

Self-portrait with hyacinth - Jacek Malczewski

Self-portrait with hyacinth by Jacek Malczewski. self-portrait

Thanatos II - Jacek Malczewski

Thanatos II, 1898 god of non-violent death in Greek Mythology Jacek Malczewski

Self-portrait with Pisanka by Jacek Malczewski (1854-1929)

Self-portrait with Pisanka (with a painted egg) - Jacek Malczewski

Portrait of Stanislaw Witkiewicz by Jacek Malczewski, 1897.

Portrait of Stanisław Witkiewicz, 1897 Jacek Malczewski

Jacek Malczewski - Resurrection

Reproduction with Oil painting effect of painting made by Malczewski Jacek - Resurrection

Malczewski Jacek Pozegnanie z pracownia.jpg

Jacek Malczewski - Pożegnanie z pracownią or the Farewell to the Atelier - ca.

jacek malczewski self-portrait In armory ~ Poland 19th century

Self-Portrait in Armor, by Jacek Malczewski, (Polish,