Animal Crossing

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pastel acnh villagers are featured in this poster
Pastel ACNH Villagers
Pastel Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers
an aerial view of a park with trees, bushes and flowers in the middle of it
an animal crossing game screen with the name pixel dawn on it's back side
an animal crossing character is shown in this screenshot from the game, star struck facepaint
two screenshots showing the same room with bookshelves and couches in it
an animal crossing new horizon community map is shown in two separate screens, one showing the park
Fairycore Island Inspo!
a poster with pandas in a bamboo planter and text that reads, build a simple panda exhibit materials mama panda bamboo grass bamboo basket
an image of a living room with couches and other items on the bottom right hand corner
an advertisement for the nintendo wii game animal crossing, which is in english and japanese
an image of the island map in animal crossing