Statistical Methods

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a poster with the words, apply yourself to think statistics and work on it's graphs
Apply Yourself Think Statistics (Bell Curve Humor) Poster | Zazzle
Apply Yourself Think Statistics (Bell Curve Humor) Poster
the plot shows that there are many different types of graphs in this graph, as well as
The Science of Error
The Science of Error – Starts With A Bang! – Medium
a graph shows the number and type of data that is stored in one standard pyramid
Review and intuition why we divide by n-1 for the unbiased sample variance (video) | Khan Academy
Really good explanation from Khan Academy of why we use n-1 correction factor in calculating std dev of a sample
an info sheet describing how to use the hypothhes in this graphic style
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Hypothesis testing explained in one page
the mind map is shown in blue and white Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
an area is divided by the height and width of a cone, with two sides at different heights
Statistical Methods in Brain and Cognitive Science
This course emphasizes statistics as a powerful tool for studying complex issues in behavioral and biological sciences, and explores the limitations of statistics as a method of inquiry. The course covers descriptive statistics, probability and random variables, inferential statistics, and basic issues in experimental design. Techniques introduced include confidence intervals, t-tests, F-tests, regression, and analysis of variance. Assignments include a project in data analysis.
a graph with the words, i am 99 % confident that i fall within 3 standard deviations from the mean
Statistics humor. 97% confidence with 3 standard deviations! guaranteed!
three diagrams showing the different types of electrical wire and their corresponding connections to each other
Visualizing samples with box plots - Nature Methods
Quartiles are more intuitive than the mean and s.d. for samples from skewed distributions.
the normal curve is shown in black and white
Online Normal Distribution Problems
an image of a diagram of the structure of a pyramid and its corresponding structures are shown in
Easy to Understand Bell Curve Chart
Easy to Understand Bell Curve Chart... Needed this like 3 weeks ago for AP Statistics....
a white sheet with black writing on it and red lettering that says,'p b =
Baye's Theorem
the diagram shows different types of graphs and their corresponding numbers, including one with an equal slope
When to reject the null hypothesis.