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For me there's nothing scarier than the Sun when it's angry. --Pia (Giant solar flare!)

Monster ProminenceCredit: NASA/SDONASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this view of a powerful Class solar flare on Feb. 2011 during a sun storm. NASA scientists called the display a "monster prominence" that kicked up a huge plasma wave.

This pair of gravitationally interacting galaxies, known as Arp 142, is located some 326 million light-years from Earth in the southern cons...

This interacting galaxy duo is collectively called Arp The pair contains the disturbed, star-forming spiral galaxy NGC along with its elliptical companion, NGC 2937 at lower left.

Trifid Nebula

/ NGC Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius. Its name means 'divided into 3 lobes.' The object is an unusual combination of an open cluster of stars; an emission nebula; a reflection nebula & a dark nebula about 5200 light years away.