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10 DETOX BATH RECIPES - The epidermis, or skin, has been referred to as our “third kidney.”  This means that, through the biological process of sweating, the poisons inside the human body are eliminated through the pores.  Our skin is capable of filtering the toxic poisons that have built up inside our bodies the same way our kidneys filter undesirable elements.

10 Detox Bath Recipes-A detox bath is a way to help cleanse the body, relax the mind, and provide extra support to various systems of the body. There are different types of detox baths that you can take, each with their own goal and benefits provided.

PUT ON IN SECONDS, FEEL GREAT FOR HOURS! Lymphedema + Lipedema + Edema (Swelling) + Fibrosis (Scarring & Stretch Marks) + Post Surgical Recovery + Mild Circulatory Issues + Cellulite + Support + Prevention

This massage action with you to rid your body of excess fluid by boosting micro in the endless network of lymphatic and venous capillaries just beneath your skin.