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The Moons of the Solar System. As nerdy as it is, I've always wanted to have a tangible reference to all the moons in our solar system and Voila!

Galactic Constellations: The Moons of the Solar System. Dan Matutina's guide to the size of moons in the solar system for Visual New's Data+Design Project.

101 things you need to know before moving to Australia

101 Things We Wish We Knew Before Moving To Australia

This is one beautiful depiction of the lifecycle of a star. It's a perfect companion to Sagan's Cosmic Calendar and a reminder that even the most alien-seeming phenomena in the cosmos is born and dies, even giant balls of gas. - @Lakitu

discoverynews: “ The life cycle of a moth or butterfly are fairly commonly known, but the life cycle of a star… probably not… ” - Vida de uma estrela - 3 - Mais informação: Vida de uma estrela -.

I WANT TRY IT! || Amazing Physics: Fluid Dynamics and Quantum Levitation in Action

Droplets levitating on sound waves, water orbiting in microgravity, and more. In this video, produced in a collaboration with Hashem AL-ghaili, we delve int.

Quantum Physics

“I also live in the present, due to the constraints of the space-time continuum.” - Hank Green (x)