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Her Ladyship sits on the throne now; may the Powers preserve us

☆ The skies are black with lead-filled rain, a morbid painting on display ☆


Somebody invite me to a fancy party. Or maybe I'll just throw one.

Emo Depression - :) http://www.freeshareimages.com/emo-depression/ #pinimg #media

Pumpkin had always worn her sorrow like a veil. It was obvious she was upset but only she knew why.

Az ígéret szép szó, ha betartják soha. Hiszel a mesékben, ne légy ostoba! Itt mindenki 'ráj', meg mindenki 'ríl', meg mindenki 'tru', meg mindenki sír.

Black Tattoo Choker

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.my parents don't even notice me..they probably won't notice I killed myself until they come in to ask me to do a chore for them that's all i'm used for anyway a slave

I swear, everybody's against me! I'm so fucking done. Done done done. People are shitheaded losers and I can't handle it. Looks like I'll be slicing up my thighs tonight...

Eyes Practice 02 by Suu999.deviantart.com on @deviantART