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two pictures with the words i upcycled a crib into a coffee table
I Upcycled an Old Crib Into a DIY Coffee Table!
Upcycle a Crib Into a DIY Coffee Table! See step-by-step how to create this DIY…
how to make vintage clay appliques for use on furniture and home decor projects
How to Make Furniture Appliques with Clay Molds
How to Add Vintage Clay Mold Appliques to Furniture
a person using a stapler to cut fabric with the words 10 upholstery tips that beginners don't know
10 Upholstery Tips That Beginners Don’t Know
DIY upholstery doesn't have to be rocket science. But there ARE some things that professionals know that beginners don't know. These things can make or break your project. Learn more about these top upholstery tips that will make your own projects cleaner and more professional looking! - Thrift Diving
the words unexpected ways to upcycle picture frames are in front of some pictures on a wall
Clever Ways to Reuse Picture Frames
Clever Ways to Upcycle Picture Frames from the Thrift Store
an old door with the words vintage hardware wall art on it
Decorating the Entryway with Keyhole Covers
entryway wall decor with vintage hardware
a person is cutting paper with a knife
How to Make Furniture Appliques with Clay Molds
How to Make Furniture Appliques with Clay Molds - Slowly remove the clay when it's still soft and wet. - Iron Orchid Designs
a pair of black scissors sitting on top of a carpeted stair case next to a banister
How to Install a Stair Runner: Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video
How to Install a Stair Runner - Stair runners are usually not long enough to cover an entire set of stairs. After calculating stairs length, determine how many stair runners you will need. Here's how to join stair runners for a seamless run. - Thrift Diving
How to Make DIY Roller Shades for Your Windows!
A DIY roller shade is so much better than curtains for my 16′ x 26′ “she shed.” Since it will likely have “dirty” moments due to projects, I wanted a DIY roller shade for each window that can easily be drawn up and out of the way, to reduce dust collection on the fabric, and to prevent any accidental brush-ups against it, which could get ruined by paint. These pops of color, though….my goodness, it doesn’t get much better than this!! They’re perfect for the space!
three different pictures of dressers with the words mid century modern dresser makeover
BEFORE & AFTER: Mid-Century Modern Dresser Makeover
THE MID-CENTURY MODERN DRESSER MAKEOVER THAT ALMOST DIDN’T HAPPEN It’s quite funny now, thinking about how I had found these two mid-century modern dressers by total chance at the thrift store on a day when I was supposed to “be good” and just donate things to the thrift store and not buy stuff from the thrift store.
steps with the words how to install a stair runner step by step
How to Install a Stair Runner: Step-by-Step Tutorial + Video
I can’t tell you how many times my family has tripped, fallen, or slipped down the stairs because of this slippery wood. (The minute I hear any thump-THUMP in the house, I run to the stairs, expecting the worse). I had been wanting to install a stair runner for quite a while but if you’ve ever researched stair runners you’ll know that the really “high end” stair runners are too expensive. Thankfully, I found some modern stair runners that didn’t break the budget! (keep reading!).
how to paint a kitchen in just a few hours
How to Paint a Kitchen in Just a Few Hours
How to Paint a Kitchen in Just a Few Hours - With the right materials and…
a lamp shade that has been painted white and is next to a vase with flowers on it
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Painted Lamp Makeover!
Painted Lamp Shade - Thrift Diving
an old knife block with crayons in it and the words turn an old knife block into a diy crayon holder
Turn an Old Knife Block into a DIY Crayon Holder
Do you ever walk by something at the thrift store and your brain says, “Whooooa, hold up–I can make something with THAT!!” Well, that’s what happened when I stopped by the thrift store and walked past this section of knife blocks and inspiration hit. I’ve got a great idea for a DIY knife block! I can’t even say what that inspiration was. I just saw all that wood sitting there and I started salivating. I just knew I was supposed to buy one. And boy am I glad I did!
THRIFTED - Home Decor Haul & DIY from GOODWILL!
Transform your space with thrifted home decor! Discover vintage treasures and unique finds from Goodwill to elevate your living room and bedroom. Explore DIY ideas for incorporating thrifted pieces into your decor, creating a stylish and personalized home. Get inspired by thrifty, budget friendly decorating tips for every room.
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide!
Have you ever found pictures of what your house looked like when you first moved in? I’m talkin’ about the “before-before” pictures. You know the ones: where you gasp and scratch your head because you can’t believe it looked like that. A home goes through so many transformations over the years. I don’t think you ever completely finish decorating it. It’s the evolution of a kitchen, from the 1970’s into 2023!