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Design by Caley: Living Room Quick Sketch // Wall Collage Idea

Lori has the neatest collection of art from past family members and wanted to display in a gallery setting kind of way.

The Washington Post's House Calls is my favorite part of the Home section -- I am fascinated how designers can illustrate what a room will look like!

Kelly Spencer of Clifton isn’t satisfied with the design or layout of her family room. Spencer wants more comfortable seating and extra storage for her five children, including Hayden, and to incor.

This is the most amazing idea I have ever seen for it! Would look good in a room with sheet music/old books wallpaper...see another pin for wallpaper.

Love the rustic floor trim. This is done by using the extra wood that comes off of the tree being cut into a square. You can see the bark is still on. Then it is cut into thin pieces for floor trim. Great re-use of the extra lumber from the log being cut.

bccfa681d9b440dcc324c867a3bcc702.jpg 1.200×1.600 píxeles

bccfa681d9b440dcc324c867a3bcc702.jpg 1.200×1.600 píxeles