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a snowflake is shown in black and white
Star Ruffle Doily Pattern #7408 | Crochet Patterns
Star Ruffle Doily Pattern #7408
an image of a doily with red flowers on it
the crochet pattern is shown in two different colors
the scissors are laying next to some crocheted paper and measuring tape on a table
a cross stitch pattern with an ornate frame and flowers in the center, on a gray background
Вязаные салфетки и мелочи для дома | VK
crocheted doily with scissors and ball of yarn
Фото 864925996195 из альбома Мастер-классы. Смотрите в группе Искусство ИРЛАНДСКОГО кружева в ОК
the instructions for crochet are shown in black and white, including two circulars with
the knitting book is written in russian and has an image of two letters on it
Тунисское вязание крючком Урок 6
Тунисское вязание крючком Урок 6 - YouTube
a brown vest with blue and green designs on it hanging from a white net curtain
Przeróbka swetra - POSZŁY W ŚWIAT
... czyli tunika i czapka szlafmyca. Z dużego, podfilcowanego swetra uszyłam tunikę. Była za krótka, więc przedłużyłam ja pasem zrobionym n...
there are four pictures of different crocheted designs
Crochet Fantastic Square Afghan Block with Free Pattern
Crochet Fantastic Square Afghan Block is made in beautiful, bright colors and combined with the Locutus pattern done in black. It creates a stunning crochet piece which can be then used to make a wonderful blanket. Pinterest Facebook Google+ reddit StumbleUpon Tumblr Click below link for free pattern… More pattern @ Cool Creativity Locutus Pinterest Facebook