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Remi Rozanski
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Marvel Team-Up #40 - Murder's Better the Second Time Around! (Issue)

Marvel Team=up Marvel Comics Features the Sons of the Tiger Even though the Sons are not drawn by George Perez, the artist I associate them with, Bill Mantlo, the writer I associate them with, wrote the story illustrated by Sal Buscema.

Doom Patrol #40 - Battlefield of Dreams (Issue)

Doom Patrol - Battlefield of Dreams (Issue)

Doom Patrol #22 - The Ossuary (Issue)

In this Crawling from the Wreckage finale, the new Doom Patrol takes the battle with the Scissormen to their home dimension--and the sinister City of Bone.

Challengers of the Unknown #54 - War of the Sub-Humans! (Issue)

Challengers of the Unknown Features one of the many great covers of Bob Brown, an often overlooked and relatively unknown comic book artist who created an excellent body of work.

Challengers of the Unknown #48 - Twilight of the Challengers! (Issue)

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