X-Ray Skeleton Socks

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These Unique Bonsai Skulls Are Fascinating and Creepy

Grave Yard Bonsai Mountain Skulls are a unique take on “Memento mori” art. “Remember that you can die” in latin, this art aims to remind us of our own mortality

Real Human Skull

A skull like the one Hamlet picked up before he found out who was being buryed in the grave. It was Ophelia that was gonna be laid in the ground.

Alexander McQueen restrospective: "Savage Beauty", exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art _

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skull by SethBlood. love the warmth added to skull which gives it interesting colour. could do this to hands or other bones


skull designs --There are loads of cool things you can create by dumping piles of ink on a page and then blowing on it with a straw.