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My DIY projects

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About furniture and other space which needs renovation. I call it refreszing (from refresh). To educate, to learn & for fun!

Old, metal, pitcher. DIY. Painted with dots. Now used as a flower vase. DIY, renovation, refreszing.

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You think You have narrow balcony ? Well check out mine- 56cm :) 7/32 inch :) Long and narrow balcony decorated and renovated by me. OSB box/seat, chairs and table painted, cotton ball, mattresses. Check more on my blog:) How do decorate small balcony for summer :)

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Vintage stool. Retro,PRL. Wood and seat has been renovated. See more at

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How to make memory game of wooden slices? Piece of cake. Hand painted, creative.

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Piece of wood board, piece of cotton and decoration for living room/kitchen is ready. DIY :) Eat, inscription, decoration.

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DIY clock pastel colorous. Sweet and easy.

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How to renovate old chair? Check it out on my blog

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Cooper decoration on bottles. DIY. White and cooper. Vases.

Old retro vintage newspaper holder. Painted and washi tape decorated. Find more of my work at

You think there is nothing to do with Your small balcony? Well, check my small balcony, it is less than one square meter and I had arrange there herbarium, place for coffee on wood box with pillow. More picture on my blog :)

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