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a drawing of a soccer player in red and white uniform kicking a ball with his foot
Paul Trevillion the Master of Movement sells his work in exhibition
The master: Bobby Moore
three men working on a statue in front of a stadium
تغريدة / Twitter
Chicken on a basketball erected in black and white to celebrate 55 of League failures in 2016
a man holding a soccer ball above his head
VintageFooty on Twitter
Johan Cruyff, Washington Diplomats 1980/1981 Johan Cruyff, born 25 April 1947, Dutch international attacking midfielder or forward (1966–1977), Ajax (1964-1973), FC Barcelona (1973-1978), Los Angeles Aztecs (1979-1980), Washington Diplomats (1980-1981), Levante (1981), Ajax (1981–1983), Feyenoord (1983-1984).
the england away kit for the 1994 world cup is displayed in an advertise
England 3rd kit for the 1990 World Cup Finals.
a young man standing next to a soccer ball in front of a painting of a stadium
Johan Cruyff modelando
black and white photograph of people sitting in the stands
Gerrie Muhren, Dick van Dijk, Johan Neeskens, Johan Cruyff during a training session of Feyenoord at the Kuip Stadium on August 18, 1971 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
two men standing next to each other on a soccer field with an official flag in front of them
#DiegoMaradona #Pelé and #MichelPlatini promote an anti-drugs football match in 1988.
two men are playing soccer in front of an audience
PSV Eindhoven x Ajax em 986 | Ruud Gullit e Frank Rijkaard