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an animated character with big eyes and a top hat
an animated bear with red eyes standing in front of a table and chair at night
SFM | The Dining Hall (Model by Illumix/Thudner)
three brown teddy bears wearing top hats and bow ties, standing next to each other
Freddy! <3
a brown teddy bear sitting next to a lit candle with a red rose in it's mouth
a cartoon bear holding a megaphone and sitting in a chair with the word teddy written on it
//фредди фазбер
a group of teddy bears sitting next to each other
a painting of a brown bear wearing a hat and bow tie with big blue eyes
a brown teddy bear wearing a top hat and bow tie with eyes wide open on checkered background
Sportswear official online store | Freddy Official Store
a drawing of a teddy bear wearing a top hat and holding a drink in its paws