Lisa Freinkeinstein (2024)

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an image of a man and woman dressed up in formal wear with the moon above them
lisa frankenstein 🪡 • • • #lisafrankenstein #lisafrankensteinfanart #kathrynnewton #colesprouse #diablocody #artistsoninstagram #retrosupplyco #procreateart
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other
💕🖤💀lisa Frankenstein💀🖤💕 im extreme hyperfixated on this movie
THEMMMM I LOVE THEMM I WANNA BE LISA #lisafrankenstein #frankenstein #art
a man and woman are kissing in front of a full moon with spooky trees
a man and woman hugging in front of a heart
Cole&Dylan Sprouse ❤️ (@riverdale_colesprouselove) • Instagram photos and videos
two people standing next to each other in front of a pink moon and black background
an illustration of two women with red hair, one wearing glasses and the other in black
two people standing next to each other with one holding the other's hand and looking at something