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Suur-Savon museo Mikkelin seudun muinaispuku

Suur-Savon museo Mikkelin seudun muinaispuku

Eura, Perniö, Tuukala, Muinais-Karjala.

Really nice to see the variation in Finnish folk dress. The longer shawl I feel would suit the character of the brothers wife. I think the shawl gives a more mature look to the outfit.

Reconstructed from archeological finds: Iron-age costume from Eura, western Finland (worn by the President of Finland on Independence Day 2002).

Reconstructed from archaeological finds. The brooches at each shoulder seem to be Viking tortoise design as is the coin laden necklace, so I'm not sure how accurate this is for the Iron Age

These ones are Finnic costumes (Livonian, Estonian, Finnish)

These ones are Finnic costumes (Livonian, Estonian, Finnish) (what Finns would have worn during the Viking times, bronze age)

Reproduction Finnish Iron Age costume    This is the sexiest. Definitely need to make myself a quality Iron Age outfit.

"Iron Age Finnish Clothing -- Elina modeled this medieval outfit in an Iron Age fashion show organized by a friend. As a note: Many of Elina's posts are in English as well as Finnish, and she does beautiful needlework.

fin-undertunic-pattern-mine.jpg (768×1024)

So for a long time I’ve been hearing about the Eura dress. In the SCA it’s worn often times with a Viking apron dress besides the as a medieval Finnish outfit.