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Łukasz O

kim jesteśmy jak nie wirtualnymi punktami wielkiej transwymiarowej fali wibracyjno-pulsacyjnej?

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Łukasz

SPACEBOY - "Take Me To The Dancefloor" (Extended Edit)

Richard Divine's modular synthesizer.

Demons and their Sigils - I'll just tuck this away for future bad-guy references

Image from http://images.bigcartel.com/bigcartel/product_images/134937888/max_h-1000+max_w-1000/New_Vintage_Space_Print_Final_update.jpg.

Art Illustrations by Shout.

1961 Space Atlas (I found one of these on eBay for $10 not long ago; remembered it from my childhood & had to have it. But now I'm thinking it might make great wall decor.)

Space suit late 1940s ( Outer Space - Space Suit - Vintage Future / Retro Futurism / Science Fiction / Sci Fi

International Cosmonautics Day * April 12, 1961 (USSR)