2.01ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Set aka the queen of the underworld set

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Kate Beckinsale Underworld Costume-basically one of the only good parts of this movie

Kate Beckinsale in her super sexy black latex / leather costume as Selene in Underworld

ben covington became a vampire/lycan hybrid. #felicity #underworld

British actor Scott Speedman plays hybrid half werewolf and half vampire Michael Corvin in 2006 "Underworld: Evolution".

Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in 2003's "Underworld"

TV & Movie Vampires Through the Years

Scott Speedman as the Lycan-Vampire hybrid Michael Corvin in "Underworld" Monster Effects for Vincent.

Tattoo idea

Luscious and Low-Carb: Meatloaf

KATE BECKINSALE Selene in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution The British beauty played vampire warrior Selene.

Michael Corvin hybrid from Underworld

Does anybody know if Scott Speedman will return to any possible new underworld movies? question and answer in the Michael Corvin club