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16 garage sale tips to make hundreds (thousands) at our next garage sale

17 Simple Tips for a (Very) Successful Garage Sale - Mommy Goes Green

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Yard Sale Tips & Tricks: How We Made $1549

Looking to clear out your closet and make some cash in the process? Here are my yard sale tips and tricks to help guide you to success!

Quick Tip #8: How Much Change to Have at a Yard Sale! - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains

Pricing Your Items: 1.	When pricing your items, keep two things in mind. 1) Are you looking to get top dollar for your merchandise or 2) Are you looking to just get rid of it?  2.	Do your research.   Check out eBay & Craigslist to see what like items are selling for. 3.	Most yard sellers price their items at 10-20% of what they originally paid for it.  4.	Keep math to a minimum.  Don’t price items for $.10 or $0.75. Stick with $.50 increments

How to Have a VERY Profitable Garage Sale

25 "How to Have a Garage Sale" tips and tricks that are guaranteed to help you host a successful yard sale, and make a ton of money selling your old stuff!

Rummage Sale Sign

Rummage Sale Sign

Fundraising Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Fundraising Ideas for Every Month of the Year

There are endless ways for organizations to raise funds regardless of the season or your group’s budget. Consider different holidays, national traditions and common observances associated with different months when trying to design a fundraising plan for the year.

Epic yard sale signs ((LMAO---I *love* this.  "Omg, Becky look @ their CAR WASH... It is SO BIG!!" Would be awesome for the Scrub*&*Jump!))

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday: I Bartered With A Gypsy

Epic yard sale signs ((LMAO---I *love* this. "Omg, Becky look @ their CAR WASH... It is SO BIG!!" Would be awesome for the Scrub*&*Jump!))

Inspired Whims: Garage Sale Tips & Tricks

Garage Sale Tips & Tricks

Resource for everyday affordable design and decor recipes, DIY projects, crafts, travel inspiration, gift ideas, and fashion finds.

Counterfeit detector.  Sadly, a must-have for cookie booths.

Sharpie Markers Official Blog

Since 2009, the production of counterfeit bills has more than doubled. In fact, counterfeiters can produce fake currency with basic computer skills and m

Clever & fancy garage sale signs that brought in more traffic to my neighborhood garage sale! It's all about the advertisements! Great ideas from

How to advertise for a garage sale with clever signs

How to advertise for a garage sale with fancy schmancy clever signs. These handmade posters got attention and foot traffic to our garage and yard sale

The coolest and most Unique Fundraising Ideas, like the "Pin on map fundraising raffle" and others! Take a look... (Photo by Selena N. B. H. / Flickr) #Fundraising

Unique Fundraising Ideas: Crazy, Cool, FUN & Profitable

The best & most Unique Fundraising Ideas that are a sure fire way of raising great funds! Increase your profitability with these fun, simple, cool & fast ideas...

How I organize my change for craft fairs:  Plastic Gerber baby food containers (Stage 1 are small enough to fit; Stage 2 are too tall). Cover with the lid when not in use and all the change stays put.

Use a Jewelry Armoire To Store Your Precious Jewelry Pieces

Most women collect more pieces of jewelry than they have convenient storage for. It doesn't start out that way, but they receive gifts of jewelry and end up buying a piece of jewelry that catches their eye as they walk past a display case. Some women focus...

Cooking up a Cure Cookbook by Buda/Kyle Relay for Life. $7.50, via Etsy.

Community Yard Sale as adoption fundraiser. These 2 families made over $17,000!!!

Lessons Learned From a Ridiculously Huge Fundraising Yard Sale

It has been a week since our adoption yard sale…which looked more like a flea market, or outdoor goodwill than a yard sale… and I have come out of hibernation. The four-day event feels …