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African Industrial Development and European Union Co-operation    ::  <P>Of the 54African states, only South Africa is categorised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) amongst industrialised countries. The economic activities in Africa are still dominated by the production and trade of agricultural and mineral commodities. This situation is in spite of the longstanding Africa--European Union (EU) co-operation, which intends, among other things, to support A...

African Industrial Development and European Union Co-operation : Francis A.

Eugène Ionesco (26 de noviembre de 19091 — 28 de marzo de 1994), fue un escritor francés de origen rumano, uno de los principales dramaturgos del teatro del absurdo, junto con el irlandés Samuel Beckett. Lo ridículo y lo imposible, el pesimismo y la comicidad, son algunos de los elementos de sus obras.

Eugene Ionesco - Romanian playwright who wrote mostly in French (French avant-garde theatre) Photo © Willy Rizzo, Paris, 1966

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Dancer Bends Light in Stunning Projection-Mapped Performance By Jordan Backhus — Mar 30 2015 We talked to Adrien M / Claire B about 'Hakanaï,' their live-generated solo dance at BAM.

Africa - Government This chart or map from The National Post shows how other countries from the days of old colonial powers still have a huge affect on Africa's economics and politics.

Out of Africa – Did the Colonial Powers ever Really Leave? - by nationalpost. I'll pin this here, since we're building bases there.

Interesting Infographic on the Top Economies in Africa #Africa #economy

Infographic Africa From Top To Bottom based on Law & Safety, Economic Opportunity, Human Development, Human Rights. {Master of Finance}

1.2 billion opportunities | The Economist

billion opportunities The commodity boom may be over, and barriers to doing business are everywhere. But Africa’s market of billion people still holds huge promise, says Daniel Knowles Read.