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three different colored shoes with the words side, front and back
Jeremy Polgar🌹 (@Jpolgar1) / X
Jeremy Polgar (@Jpolgar1) | Twitter
an image of different types of lips with the words written below them in cursive writing
All Things Linguistic
an image of some cartoon characters in various poses
Super Deform Pose Collection Vol.2 - Character Variation Pose Drawing Reference Book - Anime Books
Super Deform Pose Collection Vol.2 - Character Variation Pose Reference Book - Anime Books
a bunch of different facial expressions drawn on paper
My references for you [ Mis Referencias Para Ustedes]
an image of hand gestures drawn in black and grey ink on a white background with pink backdrop
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the hands are drawn in red and black ink
#reference | Lala's Blog
the drawing shows how to draw a hoodie with different colors and sizes, including one in
the steps to draw an alien head with different shapes and sizes, including eyes, nose,
Drawing different face shapes in my style bc I'm bored
Also bc since I'm struggling with the same face syndrome thing, I also decided to do this so that whenever I'm drawing characters, they all won't have the same facial features, imma probably try drawing different facial proportions later🗿