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Henrik, are you trying to make my heart stop?

Henrik, are you trying to make my heart stop?

Sebastian Stan, Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Chris Evans, Icecream, Super Heros, Capt America, Romania, Actor, Ice Cream

To Me Ma'am, You Are Every Inch A Queen

I like how she has grown from the naive girl into a dignified lady; she always lead her people bravely & justly.she gives mercy & compassion, but she also dispenses justice for order.

brick shithouse barnes

Look at the digital craftsmanship on his arm! I can just feel the suspense as he looks at Steve over his metal shoulder. I always find something new about this movie to give me emotions.

Seriously, looks like Seb is touching Lola!!!

Sebastian Stan in the filming of ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ on August 2016 in Bray, Ireland