Tarjeta de Pusheen

Pusheens bio I thought Pusheen was a male well anyway Pusheen Hello Kitty would make good friends only HK is no where near as lazy as Pusheen but they both want to make friends so they would be great! Im starting to love Pusheen almost as much as HK!

A new cute picture from Catchin' Cats !

An Uber Cute New Cat Tree Cartoon Illustration from Catchin' Cats ~ Pastel Kawaii Purple

#cafe #gatos #catlovers

The one about catffeine Coffee and cats have at least one thing in common: they both are oh so addictive!

Dare to be Different

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I think I've pinned this before, because this is me. This is my life!

Super Lazy

It's What's Inside That Counts T-Shirt TeeTurtle

cute and funny art tee turtle It's What's Inside That Counts T-Shirt TeeTurtle

“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. Don’t even talk to me after I’ve had my coffee.”

Too Early

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