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a woman holding a vase with flowers in it
Bliskość Cappuccino 2, bukiet nagrobny do wazonu, wys.58cm
a bouquet of white roses and green leaves on a black stand with a sign in the background
spring flower arrangements / modern flower arrangements / spring flower arrangements centerpieces #s
white flowers and greenery are arranged on the ground in front of a brick wall
Ogłoszenia - Sprzedam, kupię na
Stroik na grób+BUKIET / kompozycja Kwiaty Toruń •
a vase filled with white and green flowers
- (kein Titel (com Imagens) 6C2
- (kein Titel (com Imagens) | Arranjos De Flores Simples
a bouquet of white flowers and greenery on the floor in front of a wall
a bouquet of white flowers and greenery on the ground
pink and white flowers are on display at the graves for those who have passed their loved ones
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a black table next to candles and vases