Hand Painted White Rabbit Tutorial

White rabbit nail design step-by-step, winter nail art tutorials, stunning Christmas nails, gel-polish manicure, hand-painted nail art.

Christmas Bear

Step-by-step tutorial Start with nails prep for gel polish application I covered the nail with a white gel polish and cured I sketched my design … Continued

Lovely Rabbit

Lovely rabbit nail design step-by-step, Christmas nail art tutorials, New Year nails, gel polish manicure, gorgeous hand painted nail art designs.

Christmas Reindeer

Christmas reindeer nail design tutorial with photos, Awesome Christmas nail art ideas, winter nails, gel polish manicure, stunning hand painted nail art.

Christmas Minnie Mouse on Nails

Christmas Minnie Mouse step by step tutorial, Christmas nail art designs, Disney nails, awesome hand painted nail art, gel polish manicure.

Gingerbread Man Nail Art Tutorial

Here I will tell you how to paint a gingerbread man on nail. He can give you Christmas mood! Step-by-step tutorial First step is nails preparation for gel polish application I covered the nail with … Continued

Freehand Rudolph Nail Design Tutorial

Rudolf Nail design step-by-step, Best Christmas nail art tutorials, winter nails, gel-polish manicure, awesome hand-painted nail art.

Christmas Kitten Step by Step Tutorial

Christmas kitten nail step-by-step, Best Christmas nail art tutorials, Winter manicure, gel-polish nail art designs, hand-painted nails.