Wood casting - drewno i trochę ciekłego aluminium

Artist Pours Molten Aluminum Onto Tree Trunks To Create Unique Pieces Of Furniture These beautiful fusions of metal and wood are the creations of Israeli artist and product designer Hilla Shamia.

Łóżko z drzew

AN IDEA - the tree branch bed posts are so eye catching, they make the room come alive; you could hang stuff on it too:) I made one years ago and my son still talks about "his cool tree bed"!

The Books Shelf - bardzo wymowny regał

The Books Shelf This typographic bookshelf was designed by Matt Innes (in collaboration with Saori Kajiwara). (first discovered via fubiz)

Płaska lampa Nepa - design, lampa

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted

Szafka Facecord Cabinet

Firewood cabinet by designer Mark Moskovitz. When closed, looks like a wood pile, but it's really a four drawer cabinet faced with split logs.


Loving this simple, rustic chalet bedroom.