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Lighter to Plastic Welder
three different boats with the words how to make a ship in a bottle
Ship in a Bottle replica of Robert Walker Shipwreck
a person is holding a piece of wood in front of a workbench with the words before and after written on it
How to Cover Plywood Edges --{Without Fancy Equipment!}
Decorated Tins, Tin Ideas, Tin Crafts, Altoids Tin, Tin Can Art, Altoid Tin, Altoids Tins, Altered Tins, Mint Tins
Tutorial: Altered Altoid Tin
there are many tins with different things in them
Altoids Box Creations
Altoids boxes- SO COOL!
a chess board made out of legos on a table
Altoids Pocket Game Chest - 11 Games on the Go
the cover of recycling tiny tins is shown with pictures of items and text on it
Recycling Altoid Tins for Organization
an open tin can with dices and cards in it
The Great Altoids Gift Challenge #5
altoids monopoly008